The SoLoMo Trinity

Integrating social, local, and mobile channels into one campaign presents marketers with a big opportunity to reach their specific customers at the right time and place with the right offer. But it also presents its share of challenges. With so many moving parts, getting all three areas to coordinate seamlessly can be a tall order, especially as mobile and location-based marketing technologies continue to quickly evolve.

But dealerships that accommodate customers’ known behavior and provide simple and direct messaging can more effectively integrate all three elements, which will enable them to go beyond a simple one time experimental campaign and launch full-fledged “SoLoMo” marketing strategies. The dealerships that use mobile devices to combine geo-location and social media often to push out deals or search results related to products and services in one’s immediate vicinity.

One of the greatest challenges for marketers attempting such campaigns that integrate all three methods is to determine how to go from strong offerings in one or two of these options to seamless messaging across all three platforms.