You don’t need to rely on a third party company to evaluate your reviews. You know the demands of your business; so don’t rely on remote reviewers.

If a situation arises, you will know how the situation needs to be addressed much sooner and by handling it quicker you defuse a potentially volatile situation before the person feels the need to broadcast negative feelings into the social media world.

Our program gives you the ability to form a closer bond with your customer, which increases customer loyalty.

icon-soSocial = “stay in touch”


  • Special announcements
  • Any special sales or service incentive
  • Remind owners of service needed not done when they were in
  • Remind lease vehicles of service dates
  • Let buyers know when the vehicle they were interested in becomes available

icon-loLocal = sales “let us know”


  • Stay in touch with consumers during and after the sale
  • For the owner who has just purchased encourage positive postings that will be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Missed sales opportunity? Let us know what the break point was
  • Understand the problem and fix it where possible and salvage the opportunity
  • Positive refresher course in sales presentation

icon-moMobile = service “rate us now”


  • Positive postings will be uploaded
  • Problem situations allow you an opportunity to rectify when ever possible
  • Negative postings go to you directly and gives you insight on when a possible re-direction of business practice is needed.