K&B Marketwise provides the industry’s most complete automotive social media and digital marketing solution. The company developed a turnkey program that includes fully managing social media sites, online reputation, and digital lead responses for dealerships nationwide.

The company offers multiple tiers of service, ranging from targeted social media and review site management to comprehensive multi-vehicle quoting with behavioral targeting capabilities. K&B’s expertise spans all manufacturer brands and has a proven track record of helping automotive dealers and dealership groups engage with more consumers while delivering increased website traffic.

With all of our dealerships as clients, K&B is able to spot trends, share best practices and then take action on behalf of their dealer clients. The key differentiator is that K&B are real people who monitor and manage your online image and reputation. We provide our dealerships with their own digital team to provide them with top notch service.

We are continuously scouting new interactive marketing tools and social media networks and then leveraging them to give our dealers the competitive edge. We give dealers a powerful digital advantage to help them maximize social media, generate and win the war on leads all while protecting their online reputation and get more sales.

K&B was founded by a team of dynamic automotive industry veterans, we are not tech guys trying to figure out the automotive industry, we are car guys that know how to apply technology to our industry.